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International IDEA hosts all-day event at UN on Political Participation of Migrants, Refugees
New York, NY

United Nations Building

Credit: United Nations

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) has organized a discussion on “Political Participation in Times of Mass Migration and Refugee Crises” at UN Headquarters today.

People are currently living outside of their countries of origin in record numbers across the world, and conflicts that forcibly displace millions continue.  This event brings together States, United Nations agencies, intergovernmental bodies and civil society to shift dialogue on the topic from solely humanitarian concerns to those of political participation and representation.

The event covers, among other topics, best practices for assuring the freedoms of expression, association, and assembly for migrants and refugees as well as accessibility of peacebuilding processes and transitional elections.  A statement is being made by the Global Migration Group, and there are presentations on the rights of migrant workers, inclusion and statebuilding, and sustainability and legitimacy in peacebuilding processes.  Two panels will discuss the particularities of enhancing political rights for migrants and refugees, in turn.

The event follows on the heels of the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants that happened in September.  A representative from that process is presenting on the New York Declaration and the ways in which political participation can be included in the process moving forward.

International IDEA organized the event with the Permanent Missions to the UN of Ireland and Mexico and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The event is webcast live via and is using several associated Twitter hashtags: #migration #refugees #politicalparticipation #peacebuilding #leavenoonebehind #inclusion

The Office of the Permanent Observer for International IDEA to the UN will be live-tweeting the event @IIDEA_UN.  For media inquiries, contact Stephen Graf at 212-286-1084 or

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