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Women in Politics: Challenges faced by Women in the Path of Politics

30 September 2021
14:00 Fiji Time

The sixth webinar under the Democratic Development in Melanesia Webinar series 2021 will look into challenges faced by Women in the path of Politics in Fiji.

The webinar will examine the challenges faced by women to be nominated as a candidate by the political parties, and it will also investigate the financial aspect which is a major issue faced by women while running in elections. Moreover, the webinar will discuss public perceptions regarding women's qualifications and their track record when contesting in elections. Through the Webinar, International IDEA hopes the panellists can suggest ways to support women's path in Politics.


  • Date: 30 September 2021
  • Time: 14:00-15:30 GMT +12
  • Platform: Zoom


  • Monica Rahgwan, Vice President, Fiji Labour Party.
  • Dr Kerryn Baker, Fellow, Department of Pacific Affairs, Australia National University.
  • Seini Nabou, General Secretary, National Federation Party.


  • Dr Shailendra Singh, Associate Professor, Pacific Journalism, University of South Pacific.


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