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Democratic Governance: Challenges and Opportunities for the Development Agenda

14 December 2023
10:30 (Washington DC Time)
Online (Webex) and In-person (MC4-300)
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What role can countervailing institutions play in strengthening democracy, ensuring the rule of law, upholding rights, and enabling accountable institutions and citizen participation?

This year’s International IDEA’s annual flagship report on the Global State of Democracy highlights the role of so-called countervailing institutions in protecting democracy from erosion and countering the rise of authoritarian forces. 

The term ‘countervailing institutions’ goes beyond the traditional understanding of ‘checks and balances’ to encompass those governmental and non-governmental institutions, organizations and movements that serve as bulwarks against power concentration, ensuring that decision-makers regularly integrate citizens’ priorities into policy. These institutions encompass a  variety of entities, such as rights organizations, electoral management bodies, civil society networks, grassroots movements, and investigative journalists, which collectively contribute to shaping democracy in ways that can better reflect the will of the people. And why this matters for development more broadly as we strive to build a more equitable future.

Join our event on key insights of IDEA’s flagship report; presented by International IDEA and organized in collaboration with the Global Program on Coalitions for Reforms of the World Bank’s Governance GP.



Kevin Casas-Zamora
Kevin Casas-Zamora
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Roby Senderowitsch
Practice Manager, Public Administration Unit, Governance Global Practice
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Rita Ramalho
Lead Economist, DECVP
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Mathieu Cloutier
Senior Economist, Public Administration Unit, Governance Global Practice
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Chiara Bronchi
Practice Manager, Public Institutions Unit, Governance Global Practice
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