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Lithuania has a Unicameral parliament with the use of voluntary party quotas. 41 of 141 (29%) seats in the Seimas / Parliament are held by women.

At a glance

Structure of parliament Unicameral

Are there legislated quotas

For the Single / Lower house? No
For the Upper house? No
For the Sub-national level? No

Are there voluntary quotas?

Adopted by political parties? Yes
Is there additional information? No

Single / Lower House

Seimas / Parliament

Voluntary Political Party Quotas*

* Only political parties represented in parliament are included. When a country has legislated quotas in place, only political parties that have voluntary quotas that exceed the percentage/number of the national quota legislation are presented in this table.

Additional information

Lithuania does not regulate any gender quotas for the Lower Camera or the Sub-national Level. The Social Democratic Party states that the number of representatives of one sex in all elected party bodies and lists of candidates participating in elections may not exceed 60 per cent (LSDP Statutes).

The parliamentary elections has not been won twice consecutively by any political party. The COVID pandemic instigated a health crisis along with financial deficits and an increase in unemployment rates (adapted from Matačiūnaitė-Boyce, October 30, 2020).




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