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Sebastian Becker Castellaro

Associate Programme Officer – Digitalization & Democracy

Sebastian Becker Castellaro is an Associate Programme Officer of the Digitalization and Democracy programme. His work focuses on the impact of technology in democracies worldwide, providing research, policy analysis, and project support.

Prior to joining IDEA, Sebastian worked in several human rights organisations in both Latin America and Europe, such as Derechos Digitales, the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH) and European Digital Rights (EDRi). He has experience covering platform regulation and policies related to disinformation and surveillance advertising in Europe. Furthermore, he has researched different fields such as surveillance in the digital age, cybercrimes and online hate speech.  

Human Rights; Digital Rights; Democracy; Technology and Politics.
LL.M in International Law (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels), LL.M in Public Law (Universidad de Chile, Santiago). BA in Law and Social Sciences (Universidad de Chile, Santiago). Attorney at Law in Chile.
English, French, Italian, Spanish
Brussels, Belgium
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