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Annual Outcome Report 2018

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Supporting Democracy Worldwide – A retrospective report on our work 2012–17

In this retrospective of our work from 2012 to 2017, we present our efforts at setting the global democracy...

Annual Results Report 2016

This fifth International IDEA Annual Results Report therefore presents improved qualitative reporting of results,...

Annual Results Report 2015

The Annual Results Report 2015 provides a complete account of International IDEA’s partnerships and activities...

Annual Results Report 2014

International IDEA's Annual Results Report 2014 places an emphasis on accountability.

Restricted Funding Grant Agreements

Find out when, from whom and for what purposes International IDEA receives restricted funds.

Anniversary Publications

20th Anniversary

Event (2015)
Democracy: Achievements and Challenges in the Past 20 Years and Prospects for the Future (2015)

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15th Anniversary

Book (2010)
15 Years of Supporting Democracy Worldwide

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10th Anniversary

Handbook (2005)
Ten Years of Supporting Democracy Worldwide

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