The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance is an intergovernmental organization.

Its programmes aim to:

  • Provide knowledge to democracy builders
  • Provide policy development and analysis
  • Support democratic reform

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International IDEA in the World

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Democracy and Development

Democracy and Development

International IDEA aims to strengthen political institutions to deliver on development.

Electoral Processes

Electoral Processes

International IDEA provides support for making electoral administration more professional.

Constitution Building Processes

Constitution Building Processes

International IDEA supports inclusive and participatory constitution-building processes

Political Parties, Participation and Representation

Political Parties, Participation and Representation

Representative democracy cannot function properly without parties.

English-Myanmar Glossary of Democratic Terms (Myanmar)

17 January, 2015

English-Myanmar Glossary of Democratic Terms (Myanmar)

Provides accessible and value-neutral explanations of terms relevant to Myanmar’s transition to democracy.

Improving Electoral Practices: Case Studies and Practical Approaches

31 December, 2014

Improving Electoral Practices: Case Studies and Practical Approaches

Looks at electoral reform initiatives in eight countries.

Electoral Management Design: Revised edition

20 December, 2014

Electoral Management Design: Revised edition

This handbook provides comparative experience of and best practices on EMB structures and funding models, as well as means for evaluating performance.

Electoral Law Reform in Africa: Insights into the Role of EMBs and Approaches to Engagements

15 December, 2014

Electoral Law Reform in Africa: Insights into the Role of EMBs and Approaches to Engagements

Explores EMB involvement electoral law reform in Africa and provides guidelines for EMB engagement.

The Constitution of India: An unofficial translation (Arabic)

10 December, 2014

The Constitution of India: An unofficial translation (Arabic)

This unofficial translation of the Indian constitution in Arabic is an example of a democratic constitution that can provide some good examples for countries in transition.

9 January, 2015

Latin America 2015: Time for reform

OPINION: Latin America starts off 2015 with a clear economic slowdown. This will require profound structural reforms, aimed to achieve inclusive, equitable, and sustainable economic growth that makes it possible to continue.

9 January, 2015

América Latina 2015: la hora de las reformas

El 2015 inicia en desaceleración económica, lo que obliga a poner en marcha reformas estructurales dirigidas a alcanzar un crecimiento económico que permita seguir disminuyendo la pobreza y la desigualdad.

19 December, 2014

Maratón electoral latinoamericano 2014: tendencias

Análisis del maratón electoral latinoamericano 2014, compuesto por siete elecciones presidenciales: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panamá, Colombia, Bolivia, Brasil y Uruguay, de las cuales podemos extraer importantes tendencias en relación con el panorama político-electoral de la región.


Spotlight on

Lessons from Belgium
Photo: Kenji Kwok

Lessons from Belgium

Political power games need to take a back seat when debating the constitution because one is governed by personal short-term ambition, and the other is of long-term national importance.

International IDEA Expands Direct Democracy Database

International IDEA Expands Direct Democracy Database

International IDEA has updated and expanded the content of the Direct Democracy database which provides data for more than 180 countries.



from International IDEA Secretary-General, Yves Leterme to the staff

Constitution-Building Tools for Experts and Beginners

Constitution-Building Tools for Experts and Beginners

International IDEA’s Constitution Building Programme offers new and updated print and online resources.

IDEA Updates and Expands the Electoral Justice Database

IDEA Updates and Expands the Electoral Justice Database

The legal documents of more than 170 countries have been analyzed and the results are now available online in the new version of the Electoral Justice Database.

Launch of Spanish Portal

Launch of Spanish Portal

International IDEA has now launched a Spanish language site with links to our resources and databases.

Electoral Risk Management Tool

Electoral Risk Management Tool

Over 40 organizations from 30 countries have been granted a free-of-charge license to use the Tool.

To learn more, register your interest, and receive your ERMT license:
Click here

Voter Turnout Analyzer

Voter Turnout Analyzer

Visualize and share your data

The Voter Turnout Analyzer is a new tool that lets users produce graphics in different formats to illustrate statistics on voter participation.

The Online Electoral Cycle

The Online Electoral Cycle

Allows users to create a tailored cycle based on who they are and how they want to strengthen the electoral process.

Agora - Portal for Parliamentary Development

Agora - Portal for Parliamentary Development

IDEA welcomes launch of new AGORA website

Unified Database

Unified Database

Community-supported democracy and election data

State of Democracy Network

State of Democracy Network

Helps citizens to assess the quality of their democracy

Voter Turnout

Voter Turnout

A global collection of voter turnout statistics

iKNOW Politics

iKNOW Politics

The International Knowledge Network of Women in Politics

ACE Electoral Knowledge Network

ACE Electoral Knowledge Network

Your Portal to the World of Elections

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