International IDEA


Our Vision

A world in which everyone lives in inclusive and resilient democracies.

Our Mission

International IDEA advances, promotes and protects sustainable democracy worldwide in consideration of human rights commitments through policy-relevant knowledge, capacity development, advocacy, and the convening of dialogues.

Why we engage

International IDEA’s strategic direction and its work respond to key challenges to and opportunities for democracy in the current democracy landscape. The democracy landscape combines ‘traditional’ with ‘emerging’ challenges, including increased disaffection of citizens at democracies’ failure to ‘deliver’, increased polarization.

Despite these serious developments, democratic processes and the global legitimacy of democracy have come a long way over the past 50 years. There is evidence of broad public support for democracy around the world, including in undemocratic systems. Pro-democracy movements continue to challenge the authoritarian tide from Belarus to Myanmar.

What we do


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Climate Change
and Democracy

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and Democracy

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Political Participation
and Representation

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Knowledge - We produce and disseminate comparative knowledge, policy-relevant analysis, tools, communication products and data.
Capacity Development - We provide high-quality capacity development and training on democracy-building and reform processes.
Convening - As an impartial and trusted democracy assistance provider, we facilitate dialogues on democratic reform.
Advocacy - We protect and safeguard democracy when it is challenged by undemocratic and authoritarian forces.

How we work

International IDEA’s working modalities include a virtuous cycle of knowledge production, capacity development, advocacy as well as convening of dialogues. International IDEA’s comparative knowledge and research inform its capacity development, and both enable advocacy and the convening of dialogues. In turn, capacity development provides valuable lessons from the field for knowledge production and advocacy, enabling continuous learning within the Institute.

Mainstreaming Lenses

Criteria for Engagement

Optimizing our Work

Resource Mobilization

Communication and Outreach

With whom

To achieve its strategic objective, International IDEA identifies three groups of stakeholders, depending on their modalities of engagement to advance democracy.

Governance actors

Stakeholders in this group include International IDEA Member States, the Steering Committee, the Finance and Audit Committee, the Institute’s Board of Advisers, donors, and the Secretariat.

Target Groups

This group include civil society organizations, media, political parties (including opposition), parliaments (supranational, national,and sub-national), electoral management bodies, constitution making bodies, oversight agencies, governments (including in exile), regional organizations, and the judiciary.

Strategic partners

International IDEA’s partners include professional networks, peer organizations, civil society organizations, multilateral organizations (e.g. EU, AU and UN).

Want to know more?

To achieve its strategic objective, International IDEA identifies three groups of stakeholders, depending on their interest in the organization and their willingness to engage to advance democracy.