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Constitution-Building and the Rule of Law

Thought Leadership and Convening Networks

Participants of the Fifth Women Constitution-Makers’ Dialogue (2023).
For centuries, constitutional ideas have travelled around the world through exchanges of ideas between people. While every context is unique, such exchanges can inspire and expand the constitutional imagination, as well as providing peer-to-peer encouragement and support for constitution makers from those who have been in their seats elsewhere.

International IDEA works in a global context with a robust network of constitution-building practitioners and academic experts that spans the entire world. We also believe in the importance of regional networks, where geographical neighbours can engage in exchanges of experiences and knowledge to strengthen regional constitutional cultures.

In this regard, International IDEA supports and partners with the following regional networks:

  • African Network of Constitutional Lawyers  –  An association of judges, lawyers, academics, activists, NGOs, research or academic institutes and bar associations that are interested in constitutional law and the development of constitutionalism in African countries. 
  • Arab Association of Constitutional Lawyers – The first regional network of constitutional experts in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • The Melbourne Forum – An annual event jointly organized with the Constitution Transformation Network, which brings together practitioners and scholars from across Asia and the Pacific to share experiences related to constitutional transformation
  • European Eastern Partnership Network for Strengthening Constitutional Democracy – A nascent network of practitioners and scholars from Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, which come together annually to exchange experiences and produce knowledge resources.

Beyond these networks, International IDEA regularly convenes and facilitates meetings where international actors, national experts, constitution-makers and civil society actors can exchange experiences. Examples include the Annual Edinburgh Dialogues on Post-Conflict Constitution Building, which brings together experts and practitioners from the fields of constitution-building, conflict mediation and peacebuilding and the Women Constitution Makers’ Forum, an annual meeting of women constitution-makers from current and past processes.

If you would like to join one of these networks, or are interested in how International IDEA can support in building a network, please contact us.

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