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Constitution-Building and the Rule of Law

Publications and On-Request Research

‘Why Federalism?’ video in the Constitutions Made Simple Series.
International IDEA maintains an ever-expanding library of knowledge resources on topics relating to constitutional design and constitution building processes. They are free to download, and many are available in hard-copy for constitution-makers upon request.

These resources come in different forms including ‘Primers’ which are designed as an introduction to specific topics of constitutional design which are commonly contested, explaining the issues and providing different options for design choices based on comparative practice; Policy Papers which provide in-depth research and recommendations on critical issues; and Assessment tools, which enable the user to assess a constitutional text for issues such as gender sensitivity and Indigenous Peoples’ Rights. 

International IDEA has also developed a series of videos, titled ‘Constitutions Made Simple’ which explain questions such as ‘What is a Constitution?’ for a general audience. 

These publications are intended to be generally applicable across different contexts, but often constitution-makers require a more in-depth treatment on a particular issue and/or research tailored to a specific context. 

International IDEA’s Constitution-Building Team can provide comparative research to respond to specific requests from constitution makers in the form of confidential memoranda. 

To find out more, contact us.

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