For over two decades, since the start of the so-called second wave of democratization, many voices in the Arab world have been calling for the implementation of radical reforms to the systems, institutions, frameworks and practices of all levels of governance in the region.

The aim of this regional report is to provide meaningful insight into the reality of local democracy in the Arab world, based on the results of self-assessments carried out in a number of Arab communities in Jordan, Egypt, Morocco and Yemen.

The report includes a tool for carrying out self-assessments of the state of local democracy. The assessment tool was developed by International IDEA and has been used with great success to carry out assessments in many countries, including new as well as old democracies, throughout the world.


Publication date
01 December 2011
Ayman Ayoub
Number of pages
978-91-85724-77-2 (Print)




Acronyms and abbreviations

1. Local Democracy

2. Assessing the State of Local Democracy in the Arab World 

Local democracy in Jordan: An Analytical View from Inside the Municipalities
The State of Local Democracy in Egypt: Bringing Accountability Closer to Local Citizens
The State of Local Democracy in Morocco
Local democracy in Yemen: First steps towards fully fledged local governance

Appendix 1. Local Democracy Assessment Guide

Appendix 2. About International IDEA

Appendix 3. About the local partner organizations in the four countries

Appendix 4. Notes

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The State of Local Democracy in the Arab World: A Regional Report

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