In 2008–09 International IDEA engaged counterparts and partners of the European Union in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Arab world, South Asia and Southeast Asia in a series of multi-regional consultations to obtain feedback on the impact of the EU’s policies on democracy and democracy building in their respective regions.

Round-table conferences were organized in collaboration with the African Union, the Organization of American States and the League of Arab States. In Southeast Asia and South Asia the roundtables were organized in collaboration with leading think-tank partners of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the South Asia Association for Regional Cooperation, respectively: the Centre for Strategic and International Studies and the South Asia Centre for Policy Studies. Three global meetings encompassing all regions, including EU institutions, were also held in the process.

The consultations led to the publication of a major report, Democracy in Development: Global consultations on the EU’s role in democracy building. In addition, a series of Discussion Papers was commissioned and individual interviews conducted to support the consultations. This page collects the 67 Discussion Papers produced as part of the consultation process.


Publication date
21 October 2009



1. Africa and the EU: Perspectives and Prospects
Marcel Leroy

2. An Unrecognized Global Authority: Asian Views of the EU’s Development and Humanitarian Role
Martin Holland and Natalia Chaban

3. Citizenship and Civil Society as Key Elements for Democratic Strengthening: A New Approach to Regional Cooperation between the European Union and Latin America;
Gabriel Murillo Castaño

4. Democracy Building in ASEAN: A Case for EU Subregional Engagement 
Gary Krishnan;

5. Democracy in South Asia
Rohit Kumar Nepali

6. Developing Democracy: Shared Experiences and EU Intentions
Todd Landman

7. Effects of EU activities and cooperation with Mercosur on regional democracy building
Paulo Roberto de Almeida

8. EU Policy Discourse: Democracy, Governance and Human Rights
Todd Landman and Marco Larizza

9. EU Trade Policy and Democracy Building in South Asia
Saman Kelegama

10. Europe’s Cuba Problem: The Limits of Constructive Engagement
Daniel P. Erikson

11. Europe’s Own Narrative and the Effort to Spread Democratization Globally
Poul Nielson

12. Furthering Democracy through the European Community’s Development Policy: Legal Limitations and Possibilities
Morten Broberg

13. Human Rights Defenders and Democracy Building: An Asian Perspective
Emerlynne A. Gil

14. Latin American Electoral Assistance and Democratization
Raúl Ávila and José Jesús Orozco-Henríquez

15. Migration and Democracy: Issues for Latin America and Europe at a time of Global Recession
Andrés Solimano  

16. NEPAD’s Contribution to Democracy and Good Governance in Africa
Halfdan Lynge Ottosen

17. New Challenges for Democratic Consolidation in Latin America: the Role of the State
Pedro Salazar Ugarte and Natalia Saltalamacchia Ziccardi

18. Organized Crime in West Africa: Options for EU Engagement
Kwesi Aning

19. Perceptions from Egypt and Palestine on the EU’s Role and Impact on Democracy Building in the Middle East
Michelle Pace

20. Perceptions of the Effects of European Union Electoral Assistance on Democracy Building in Southern Africa
Bertha Chiroro

21. Perceptions of the EU’s Approach to Democracy Building in Africa
Samuel M. Makinda

22. Perspectives on the Role of the EU: A Study of Asian Stakeholders’ Opinions from six countries
Martin Holland and Natalia Chaban

23. Potential Avenues for Democracy Building in ASEAN–EU Cooperation
Raul L. Cordenillo

24. Prospects for Democratic Development in South Asia and the European Union’s role in Democracy Building
Ananya Mukherjee Reed and Kant K. Bhargava

25. Quality of Democracy and Parliamentary Reform in Latin America: How Europe Can Help
Fernando Carrillo-Flórez and Dennis P. Petri

26. Regenerating the State in the Arab World: The Role of the European Union in Democracy Building
Noufal Abboud and Lynken Ghose

27. Social Cohesion and Democracy
Roberto Cuellar    

28. The ASEAN–EU Free Trade Agreement: Implications for Democracy Promotion in the ASEAN Region
Donah Baracol Pinhão

29. The EU and Democracy Building in Pakistan
Nadia M. Abbasi

30. The EU, the Global Financial Crisis and its Impact on Democracy Building in Africa
Peter M. Lewis

31. The EU’s Contribution to Women’s Rights and Women’s Inclusion: Aspects of Democracy Building in South Asia, with special reference to India
Monica Das

32. The EU’s Policy on Promoting Democracy in the Arab World
Radwan Ziadeh

33. The European Union and Islam: Democracy Promotion in Bahrain and the Arab World
E. A. Fakhro

34. The European Union and the Pan-African Parliament: Adding Value to the Partnership
Kisiangani Emmanuel

35. The European Union as a Partner in Promoting Democracy in Bangladesh
Farooq Sobhan

36. The European Union’s Electoral Assistance: Perceptions of African Democracy Building
Dimpho Motsamai

37. The European Union’s Role in Democracy Building in Nepal
Krishna Hachhethu

38. The Human Rights Body: A Test for Democracy Building in ASEAN
Sriprapha Petcharamesree

39. The Impact of EU Migration Policy in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean
Thibaut Jaulin

40. The Impact of the European Union´s Policies on the Role of the State in Democracy Building in the Arab World
Amor Boubakri

41. The Pakistani Diaspora in Europe and Its Impact on Democracy Building in Pakistan
Nadia M. Abbasi

42. The Policies of the European Union on the Gender Aspects of Democracy Building in South East Asia
Donah Baracol Pinhão

43. The Role of the European Union in Democracy Building: The Impact on Women’s Political Participation in the Arab World
Gihan Abou Zeid

44. The Role of the European Union in Supporting Long Term Democracy Building in Contexts of Armed Conflict: The Case of Colombia
Manuel E. Salamanca

45. The Role of the State and Democracy Building in the Arab World
Miriam Amin

46. Transforming the Global Crisis into an Opportunity for Cooperation: A Challenge for the European Union, Latin America and the Caribbean
Josette Altmann Borbón and Francisco Rojas Aravena

47. Twenty Years of Western Democracy Assistance in Central and Eastern Europe
Pavol Demeš

48. Updating the European Union’s Policies Towards Islamist Parties and Radical Actors
Amel Boubekeur

49. A New Thematic Emphasis for the EU’s Contributions to the Development of Democracy in Latin America
María Soledad Diez and Alvaro García Mintz

50. African Perceptions of the European Union: Assessing the Work of the EU in the Field of Democracy Promotion and Peacekeeping
Lorenzo Fioramonti

51. Concepts Matter: Delineating Democracy, Governance and Human Rights
Todd Landman

52. Democracy Building in Latin America and the Caribbean: Can the European Union Contribute?
Gustavo Emmerich

53. Democracy Building in South East Asia: The ASEAN Security Community and Options for the European Union
Rizal Sukma

54. Efforts by the European Union to promote Democratic Governance in the Arab World    
Amor Boubakri                

55. European Union Policy Integration and Democracy Building in Africa: Is there Hope for the Future?
Henry Kippin

56. Have Trade Relations between the European Union and Mediterranean Countries Promoted Democratic Values in the South?
Ibrahim Saif

57. How EU Support of the African Peace and Security Architecture Impacts Democracy Building and Human Security Enhancement in Africa
Kenneth Mpyisi

58. How Promotion of Political Reform by the European Union is Perceived in the Arab World: The Cases Of Lebanon and the Palestinian Territories
Kamleh Khatib

59. Inter-regional Cooperation in Democracy Building: Prospects for Enhanced ASEAN-EU Engagement
Wilfrido V. Villacorta

60. Liberal or Social Democracy? Aspects of the EU’s Democracy Promotion Agenda in the Middle East
Michelle Pace

61. The EU and China: Prospects for Partnerships in Democracy Building in Africa
Hayley Herman and Martyn Davies

62. The EU, the African Diaspora in Europe, and its Impact on Democracy Building in Africa
Awil Mohamoud

63. The EU’s Role in Political Reform and Democracy Building in the Southern Mediterranean Region: An Egyptian Perspective
Nesreen Khaled El Molla

64. The European Union, South Asia and Democracy in Development: Dialogue and Partnership
Kant K. Bhargava and Ananya Mukherjee Reed

65. The European Union, the Fight Against Terrorism and its Impact on Democracy Building in Africa
Samuel M. Makinda

66. The European Union’s Electoral Missions from the Perspective of Current Developments in Latin American Democracy
José Thompson

67. The New Democratic Wave and Regional Cooperation in South Asia
S. D. Muni

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The role of the European Union in democracy building

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