This Brief presents some findings on the Summit for Democracy process from the perspective of participating countries based on a selected number of interviews with representatives from the governments of six countries (Germany, Lithuania, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Zambia) and the European Union (European External Action Service).

The objective of the Brief is to highlight the experiences of countries within the summit process and their views on the way forward towards the Third Summit, due to take place in March 2024.

The Brief complements International IDEA's Summit for Democracy impact report, Democratic Engagement after Two Summits for Democracy.


Publication date
08 December 2023
Nicolay Paus
Number of pages
978-91-7671-724-0 (PDF)



Main takeaways

The format, structure and objective of the Summit for Democracy

The Summit for Democracy declaration as an outcome of the second summit

The implementation and impact of democracy commitments

The Democracy Cohorts as a sustainable coordination mechanism for global  democracy action?



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Reviewing the Summit for Democracy from a Participating Country Perspective

A Brief from the Supporting Team Europe Democracy (STED) Project, December 2023
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