The Model Curriculum for the Master of Arts in Electoral Policy and Administration (MEPA) offers a comprehensive one-year programme for election professionals designed to equip its graduates with solid knowledge and ability to handle complex professional challenges.

Combining academic and practice-oriented perspectives, MEPA Model Curriculum consists of 18 topics and includes learning objectives for each course, suggested length, key issues to be covered and an outline with recommended resources.

Designed for current and aspiring election managers, policymakers and practitioners involved in elections, it reflects the flexibility required to effectively cater for different regions.

This Overview omits course outlines and recommended resources to provide a brief summary of the Model Curriculum. 


Publication date
17 June 2014
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978-91-87729-45-4 (Print)




Course Information

Topic 1: Elections and Voting as Instruments of Governance

Topic 2: Electoral Legal and Regulatory Frameworks

Topic 3: Electoral Management Bodies

Topic 4: Electoral Systems and Managing Representation

Topic 5: Understanding and Managing Boundary Delimitation

Topic 6: Political Parties, Campaigns, and Political Finance

Topic 7: Electoral Planning and Budgeting

Topic 8: Voter Registration and Identification Systems

Topic 9: Electoral Operations

Topic 10: Marginalized Electorates and Special Voting Programmes

Topic 11: Elections and Technology

Topic 12: Civic and Voter Education

Topic 13: Media and Elections

Topic 14: Electoral Integrity and Malpractice

Topic 15: Electoral Security and Conflict Prevention

Topic 16: Electoral Justice Systems

Topic 17: Electoral Observation, Evaluation, and Validation

Topic 18: Policy Advice and Electoral Reform

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Master of Electoral Policy and Administration: An Overview of the Model Curriculum

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