Transnational organized crime threatens democracy. Supporting the capacity of national and local institutions to prevent and mitigate the nexus between organized crime and democratic politics is an important part of fighting against these threats.

The IntegriTAS Threat Assessment System is a multipurpose data-driven software application that helps national and local institutions identify the threats that organized crime poses to politics. Focusing on the threat— instead of seeking to establish the existence of links between organized crime and politics, or their impact—allows users to map and focus on the factors that contribute to corruption, and to identify strategies to prevent or mitigate the threat.

This Guide provides information on the prevention and mitigation strategies that can be applied to reduce the undue influence of organized crime on democratic processes as identified in IntegriTAS. It complements two other Guides: the IntegriTAS Process Guide and the IntegriTAS Factors Guide. The IntegriTAS software is also accompanied by a User Manual.

Access the IntegriTAS software and supporting documentation online.


Publication date
09 May 2018
Catalina Uribe Burcher and Kristen Sample
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1. Introduction

2. Background framework
Why politicians collude with organized crime
Where the organized crime and politics nexus happens

3. Strategies to reduce vulnerabilities and empower reformers
Foundational factors
Institutional factors
Associated factors


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IntegriTAS Threat Assessment System: Prevention and Mitigation Guide

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