In recent years, the global democracy landscape drastically changed. This Policy Brief argues that the European Union's narrative on democracy should be adjusted to respond to this new geopolitical reality. The EU should take a leading role in defending democratic and accountable governance and explaining its benefits for citizens.

Building on previous work of International IDEA on how to further strengthen the EU’s external democracy policy, the Policy Brief proposes concrete ideas to substantiate this new narrative and provides recommendations to inform the EU institutions and EU Member States' reflection and action on democracy.

Learn more about the Sweden EU-Presidency & the Democracy Agenda.


Publication date
30 June 2023
Number of pages
978-91-7671-656-4 (PDF)


Key Recommendations

1. Systematically Present Democracy as a Universal Aspiration

2. Proactively Make the Case for Democracy

3. Be Humble and Act in a More Reciprocal Way

4. Sell the Narrative Better

5. Link Words with Action

6. Methodology


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How to Make the EU Narrative on Democracy Fit for the New Geopolitical Reality

Policy Brief, July 2023
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