This Policy Brief provides a snapshot of the full Recommendations Report: The EU’s External Democracy Policy in a New Geopolitical Reality. Its purpose is to inspire future EU democracy policy to ensure it can defend democracy globally and at home in line with the EU’s declared intention to become a stronger geopolitical player. Such a shift is justified and critical in view of the escalation of geopolitical turmoil, authoritarian trends and recent attacks on the foundations of democracy on the one hand and provides a positive response to the resulting political momentum on the other.

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Publication date
30 January 2023
Number of pages
978-91-7671-602-1 (PDF)


1. Adjusting the EU’s external democracy action to the new geopolitical reality

2. Reflecting the new approach to the EU Action Plans on Human Rights and Democracy



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The EU’s External Democracy Action in a New Geopolitical Reality

Policy Brief
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