This Guide is designed to offer insights into the critical elements that shape systems of good local governance in the South Caucasus region.

It also serves as a tool for local decision-makers and practitioners as they seek to learn more about models and practices of local democracy, particularly from an international comparative perspective.

The Guide is structured according to three main themes: local elections, political parties and citizens’ participation. These themes are explored along with an analysis of new local governance systems by independent experts from the region.

The Guide includes case studies on Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.


Publication date
06 January 2003
Igor Koryakov, Timothy D. Sisk
Number of pages
91-89098-97-8 (Print)


Igor Koryakov and Timothy D. Sisk

1. Representative Democracy
Igor Koryakov and Timothy D. Sisk

2. Participatory Democracy
Igor Koryakov and Timothy D. Sisk

3. Case studies of local democracy in the South Caucasus

Case study 1: Local self-governance in Armenia: past, present and future
Mkrtich Gimishyan and Hripsimeh Manoukyan

Case study 2: The first local elections in Azerbaijan: an overview and evaluation
Rufat Garagezli

Case study 3: Growing electoral activity of the Georgian public: the 2002 municipal elections
David Losaberidze

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Democracy at the Local Level: A Guide for the South Caucasus

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