This report contains the findings and recommendations that emerged from the comprehensive evaluations of democracy at the local level in four cities in East and Southern Africa.

The report also includes the Local Democracy Assessment Methodology developed by International IDEA. In partnership with the African Union of Local Authorities, International IDEA supported the evaluations in order to pilot a local democracy assessment instrument, which is the product of a two-year collaborative project on ways to strengthen governance in the region.

The approach is one of self-evaluation; the objective being to determine the strengths and weaknesses of democracy in a given setting.


Publication date
02 February 2004
Number of pages
91-85391-23-9 (Print)


Introduction and executive summary

Essay: City-Level Democracy in 21st Century Africa
Timothy D. Sisk

1. Profiles in Governance: City-Level Democracy Assessments

2. Local Democracy in Gaborone City, Botswana

3. Local Democracy in Lusaka, Zambia

4. Local Democracy in Mwanza, Tanzania

5. Local Democracy in Nairobi, Kenya

Resource: Local Democracy Assessment Guide

Report: Governing Southern Africa’s Cities: Report of the 2002 AULA–International IDEA Project on Mayors and Local Democracy

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Democracy at the Local Level in East and Southern Africa

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