Democracy Assistance and Results Management: Ownership and Learning in Action

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20 August 2016
William Sjöstedt

On 2–3 June 2016 International IDEA hosted a workshop, entitled ‘Democracy Assistance and Results Management: Ownership and Learning in Action’, at its office in Stockholm.

The purpose of the workshop was to share experiences of locally led and learning-oriented approaches to the planning, monitoring and evaluation (PME) of democracy-assistance projects and programmes.

The long-term objective of this workshop series is to contribute to further movement towards PME approaches that are less focused on upward accountability and control only, and more focused on learning and local ownership. Partner countries’ capacities to drive and own democratization and development is crucial, in particular in light of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


Executive Summary

1. Background

2. Day One: Fostering learning and ownership in results management

3. Day Two: On paradigm shifts and four action labs

4. Conclusion: next steps

Annex A. Action Lab drafts

Annex B. Literature review: planning, monitoring and evaluation

Annex C. Participant list

Annex D. Agenda

Annex E. Topics/themes for future events on results management

Annex F. Survey results: op-ed targets

Annex G. Survey results: general questions

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