On 23–24 June 2014 International IDEA hosted a round-table event entitled ‘Democracy Assistance and Results: Debates and Constructive Reflection’ in order to facilitate open and forward-looking discussions on the challenges (and opportunities) of applying results-management approaches to democracy assistance—that is, support to parliamentary development, electoral processes, political parties/party systems, civil society, media development and so on.

The event was part of a project led by International IDEA’s Democracy and Development Programme, one of the objectives of which is to contribute to knowledge and debates about democracy assistance and results-management approaches. In brief, the purpose of the round table was to empower and encourage participants to reflect critically on how to promote learning, as well as genuine partner ownership of democracy assistance projects and programmes.


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01 December 2014
Malin Stjernström
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Acronyms and abbreviations

Executive summary


The sessions

Concluding round-table discussion

Key takeaways and the road ahead


Annex 1. Further readings

Annex 2. List of participants

Annex 3. Roundtable agenda

About International IDEA

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Democracy Assistance and Results: Debates and Constructive Reflection

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