The scale, ambition and approach of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, and its SDG framework, are unprecedented.

The SDGs are global in nature and universally applicable; they consider national contexts, capacities, and levels of development and challenges.

SDG 16 was developed from the need to ensure proper actions towards achieving peace, justice and strong institutions to support and guarantee the sustainability of the entire development structure; the national contexts are the basis for its advancement. Global and regional organizations have an important role to play in achieving SDG 16. They can provide support, expertise and knowledge products, and bring together best practices and lessons learned to the operational levels, to better inform all stakeholders for a better, effective, collaborative and coordinated decision-making process.

This Discussion Paper was developed with input gathered from official key partner organizations that attended several gatherings to discuss the role of global and regional organizations in the advancement of SDG 16, held using the platform provided by the Inter-Regional Dialogue on Democracy at International IDEA.


Publication date
23 March 2020
Luis José Consuegra
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1. Introduction

2. Progress in achieving SDG 16+

3. Global and regional organizations: establishing legal and political frameworks towards peaceful, just and inclusive societies

Global multilateral actions to achieve SDG 16+

Regional organizations’ approaches to advancing SDG 16+

4. Engagement in sustainability at the global, regional, national and local levels

The role of civil society organizations

Multi-stakeholder data and knowledge resources

Approaches to the role of the private sector

5. Conclusions and policy recommendations


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Democracy and Peacebuilding in the Framework of SDG 16+

Policy Recommendations from an Interregional and Multistakeholder Approach
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