The Stockholm Series of Public Lectures on Climate Change and Democracy

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The Stockholm Series of Public Lectures on Climate Change and Democracy (“Stockholm Series”) is a cooperation between renowned Stockholm-based institutions with a particular focus on climate change and democracy from different perspectives. It aims to inform, inspire, and engage experts and the general public alike by providing high-profile public lectures on the interlinkages between climate change and democracy followed by debate.

The lectures take place once per quarter in 2024, addressing different topics in the climate-democracy nexus. All are in-person events held at the International IDEA headquarters at Strömsborg in Stockholm, Sweden. After the event, a video recording and a written version of the lecture are published here on our website.


Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), Future Earth, The National Council of Swedish Children and Youth Organisations (LSU), and We Don't Have Time.


Coming events

#2 "Is Public Deliberation the Key? How Citizen Assemblies can Accelerate Climate Action"
with Nicole Curato, Professor of Political Sociology, Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance, University of Canberra, 11 June 15:30-17:00 CEST. 

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Past events

#1 "Overheated - The Fight for Information Integrity, Climate Action, and Democracy"
with Jennie King, Director of Climate Policy & Research, Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), London & Co-Founder of Climate Action Against Disinformation (CAAD), 23 April 16:30-18:00. Watch the video, read the manuscript, and the article from the event.


Matthias Jaeger - Head of Climate Change and Democracy
Matthias Jaeger
Head of Programme, Climate Change and Democracy
Elin Westerling - Research Assistant
Elin Westerling
Research Assistant, Climate Change and Democracy
David Rosén
Advisor, Climate Change and Democracy
Michele Poletto
Advisor, Climate Change and Democracy

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