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David Rosén

Advisor, Climate Change and Democracy

David Rosén’s work focuses on developing and implementing the institution-wide Climate Change and Democracy workstream which explores how democracies can tackle the climate crisis by leveraging their inherent advantages and overcoming challenges to formulate effective and citizen-owned climate policy agendas. 

David previously worked on the inception of the Climate Change and Democracy programme, including the Democracy and the Challenge of Climate Change Discussion Paper about the opportunities and challenges for democracy to effectively address climate change. 

David’s previous work experience within International IDEA includes working for 8 years within the Secretary-General’s Office on the strategic relationships and partnerships with International IDEA’s Member States and donors, with an emphasis on the institutional governance processes, relations with Member States and democracy support policies. He has previously worked within the Institute on its research and knowledge products on constitution building processes, citizen-led democracy assessments and the strengthening of women’s political participation and representation. David’s past work at the Department of Government at Uppsala University focused on public opinion research and cross-institutional approaches to sustainable energy governance.

Climate Change and Democracy, Member State relations
MA in Political Science and Development Studies (Uppsala University, Sweden).
English, Swedish
Stockholm, Sweden
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