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Video: "Let’s go and check the Voter List" in Myanmar 

September 11, 2015

In preparation for the historic 8 November elections, the Union Election Commission has launched “Let’s go and check the Voter List” in Myanmar. The animated cartoon encourages massive participation in the National Voter List Display that starts in only three days, on 14 September.

Voters are urged to check their personal information on the lists, to make sure they can vote on 8 November.

The three-minute long animation explains all must-knows about the National Voter List Display, in particular the different forms to correct their personal information. 13 million forms have been distributed nationwide to election sub-commissions already.

The nationwide voter list display will take place from 14 to 27 September. It is an important chance to request amendments to the list.

Raising civic awareness on voter registration is particularly important in Myanmar: registration and voting are non-compulsory; it is the first digitalized voter list in history; and many voters will for the first time take part to elections of their representatives in the union and regional assemblies (Hlutaws).

This animation is the second of a series of five that the Union Election Commission will produce with support of International IDEA in Myanmar.

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