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Ukraine: Party innovation hubs help spark political interest among young activists

April 29, 2020
Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, former vice prime minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration, speaking with participants of the Party Innovations Hub Women, held in October 2019. Photo credit: International IDEA
<p>Political party innovation hubs in Ukraine help revitalize the appeal of democratic politics and citizen representation among young political activists.</p>

Political party innovation hubs in Ukraine help revitalize the appeal of democratic politics and citizen representation among young political activists.

Political party innovation hubs are training sessions that focus on digital innovation and improved party–citizen connections. International IDEA developed the hubs in cooperation with the Ukrainian School of Political Studies in Kiev. The hubs equip young political activists with the latest knowledge and cutting-edge skills in using online and other tools to improve public outreach. They increase activists’ understanding of citizens’ needs, enhance the impact of democratic accountability tools, and ultimately narrow the gap between citizens and elected representatives in the democratic system.

International IDEA hosted approximately 370 young party activists, community organizers, local electoral campaign managers and regional party leaders at five hubs during 2018–2019. The participants included many representatives of smaller political parties that show interest in engaging and representing citizens than some of the more established parties. Three dedicated hubs for women party members, co-organized with the Council of Europe, brought together over 100 women local politicians and aspiring candidates.

The Hubs regularly feature trainers that have experience on electoral campaigns from European countries and the USA, as well as Ukrainian politicians from various parties and prominent democracy activists and watchdogs. Regular guest speakers include digital political communication and outreach experts who have direct, hands-on experience of digital innovation in politics.

The Hubs also included speakers from international and Ukrainian media, and advocacy and political advisory outlets. Since the 2019 elections, digital outreach to citizens has become a top priority of the Ukrainian administration. The Party Innovation Hubs have therefore supported a broader e-governance agenda. Three of the Hub participants have been elected to parliament, and others have been elected to various local councils. Participants have reported an increase in usage of innovative tools by local cells of their political parties for citizen outreach, advocacy and intraparty activities.

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By organizing political party hubs, International IDEA inspired parties in Ukraine to improve their ability to mobilize citizens and aggregate their interests into political programmes.

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