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Statement of election management bodies of 5 Western Balkans countries on cybersecurity standards for electoral integrity

August 31, 2023 • By Elvana Kurti
Pictured from left to the right: Aleksandar Dashtevsi - President of State Election Commission of North Macedonia,  Ilirjan Celibashi - State Election Commission of Central Election Commission of Albania, Dr. Suad Arnautovic - President of Central Election Commission of BiH, Kreshnik Radoniqi - Chair of Central Election Commission of Kosovo,  Dr. Nikola Mugosa - Chair of State Electoral Commission of Montenegro.
On 4-5 July, 2023, in Tirana, Albania, International IDEA in cooperation with Rule of Law Centre of Finland and Center Election Commission of Albania hosted the regional roundtable on "Interinstitutional Cooperation on Digitalization of Electoral Processes and Cybersecurity in the Western Balkans".

The Chairpersons of the Election Management Bodies (EMBs) of 5 Western Balkans countries (Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, BiH, North Macedonia) participated and contributed in fruitful discussions together with key institutions and state agencies mandated in the areas of digitalization and data protection from Albania and Montenegro as well as with The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), Microsoft, CSOs, EMBs senior staff, international organizations, diplomatic missions, representatives of Rule of Law Centre of Finland, key experts of International IDEA, and other partners. 

The five chairpersons of the EMBs, as a conclusion of the roundtable, agreed on underscoring the importance of upholding cybersecurity standards for electoral integrity and recognizing the importance of interagency cooperation on the digitalization of electoral processes and data protection. They also underscore the importance of continuous capacity building in the field of cybersecurity in elections including peer exchanges within the Western Balkans regions and with partners across Europe. 

Read the full statement on Digitalization of Electoral Processes, Perspectives on Cybersecurity and Interinstitutional Coordination Across the Western Balkans.

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Former staff member - Elvana Kurti
Project Coordinator, Albania
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