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Roundtable on gender equality in electoral processes in Lesotho 

August 06, 2015

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) of Lesotho and International IDEA are conducting a roundtable on the Institutionalization of Gender Equality in Electoral Processes in Maseru on 5-6 August 2015.

The policies and decisions implemented by electoral management bodies (EMB) can contribute significantly to the attainment of gender equality in electoral processes, as well as the broader democracy processes. The development and implementation of a gender policy is considered one of the first steps to becoming gender responsive in the management of electoral processes. Hence, the two-day roundtable with the IEC in Lesotho will facilitate the commission’s ambition to initiate and design its own gender policy.

The IEC is a key institution that can support democracy in Lesotho and this is affirmed by the IEC’s mission which states that, “the Independent Electoral Commission of Lesotho will contribute to the strengthening of a peaceful, stable and prosperous nation through sustainable inclusive democracy”.

In this context, the overall objective of the roundtable, which will gather 35 IEC staff from headquarter and district offices, is to support the IEC’s capacity to mainstream gender in electoral management and administration processes.

More specifically, it aims to strengthen information exchange and skills on identifying and addressing gender inequalities in electoral management and administration, and support the IEC’s objective to explore the institutionalisation of gender responsive measures/mechanisms such as a gender policy.

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