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A New Step in Supporting the Parliament of Bhutan

August 29, 2014

During this half of 2014, the Parliamentary Centre and International IDEA will partner once again in supporting Bhutan’s democratic development.

The two organizations will implement a project that will offer practical, hands-on training on the legislative process and legislative drafting for parliamentarians and their staff as well as staff from other institutions involved in the legislative process in the country.

The project is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway.

In addition, two staff from the Bhutanese Parliament will have the opportunity to participate in a fellowship exchange with another legislature. The knowledge gained from the fellowship will be used to further improve the functioning of the administrations of the two chambers of Parliament: the National Council and the National Assembly.

This initiative builds upon previous support offered to the Parliament of Bhutan by the Parliamentary Centre and International IDEA. In December 2013, the two organizations worked together in offering a training programme on the use of legislative research to the two chambers of Parliament, following a comprehensive needs assessment of the National Council of Bhutan conducted by the Parliamentary Centre earlier that year.

Bhutan is one of the youngest democracies in the world, and although its transition has been peaceful and effective, there is still a road ahead. By strengthening the skills, knowledge and capacity of parliamentarians and parliamentary staff, Bhutan will benefit from a stronger legislature, and therefore a functioning democracy in the years to come.

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