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Meeting on African Governance Platform 2-5 August, Algiers, Algeria 

July 31, 2015

Starting 2 August representatives of the African Union, African Regional Economic Communities (RECs) and civil society organizations will attend the inaugural meeting of African Governance Architecture (AGA) platform focusing on democracy and elections, governance, human rights and transitional justice as well as constitutionalism and rule of law throughout the continent.

The four-day meeting will take place in Algiers, and is jointly organized by the Department of Political Affairs (DPA) of the African Union Commission and International IDEA, in collaboration with the government of Algeria. It follows up on the executive council decision taken at the 14th AU summit in 2010, to identify obstacles to continental integration as well as the measures needed to overcome them.

The AGA platform is grouped along five broad themes which include; democracy and elections, governance, human rights and transitional justice, constitutionalism and rule of law as well as humanitarian affairs. The key objectives of the meeting is to develop working methods and discuss the 2015-2016 work plan, adoption of the 2015 annual work plan and explore resource mobilization strategies. The meeting will also focus on creating an understanding of the AGA, enhancing coordination and collaboration among platform members, strengthening the capacity of platform members and to accelerating ratification and effective implementation of shared values. Another goal is to promote and popularize AU shared values instruments.

This meeting will bring together members of the AGA Cluster on Constitutionalism and Rule of Law as well as Human Rights and Transitional Justice, experts, CSOs as well as media representatives and specialized institutions.

The African Governance Platform was formed in 15 June, 2012 in Lusaka, Zambia and serves as the coordinating nucleus for achievements and goals of the AGA.

One of the African Union’s main objectives is to deepen constitutionalism and rule of law on the continent as well as to protect and promote human rights. As a guide to ensure the success of these goals, the AU adopted the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance (ACDEG) in 2007.

With the AGA meeting, the goal is to address the institutional challenges hindering ratification, domestication, implementation and progress reporting on the AU’s shared values. This requires deliberate efforts by concerned AGA Platform Members to increase collaboration and ensure effective coordination of programs and initiatives.

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