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International IDEA signs collaboration and support Agreement with the Chilean Constitutional Convention

In the picture, Sergio Bitar (board of IDEA International), Elisa Loncon (President of the Constitutional Convention), Jaime Bassa (Vicepresident of the Constitutional Convention), María Jaraquemada (Programme Officer of IDEA International) and Renata Retamal (Consultant and assistant of IDEA International).

On the 33rd Anniversary of the 1988 plebiscite, which paved the way for democracy in Chile, International IDEA signed a collaboration and support Agreement with the Chilean Constitutional Convention on 5 October 2021.  

Esta nota de prensa está disponible en español.


The Agreement was signed during the meeting by Sergio Bitar, Member of the Board of Advisers, International IDEA; Elisa Loncon, President of the Constitutional Convention; Jaime Bassa, Vice President of the Constitutional Convention; María Jaraquemada, Programme Officer of International IDEA; and Renata Retamal Consultant and assistant, International IDEA.

The objective of this Agreement is to provide support and technical advice on constitution-building issues, such as governmental regimes, electoral systems, citizen participation, decentralisation, representation of women and Indigenous peoples, among others, as have been done in other countries that have carried out constitutional processes.


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Former staff member - Maria Jaraquemada
Programme Officer
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