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International IDEA hosts roundtable discussion on Yemen's transition process 

July 08, 2015

On 30 June, an expert meeting was held in The Hague on the topic ‘Yemeni Transition from Autocracy: Could it have succeeded?’. The meeting brought together key national stakeholders from various sectors, including the former Rapporteur of the Yemeni Constitution Drafting Committee. 

Leading international experts from International IDEA, South Africa, the Max Planck Institute, Conciliation Resources and DRI, among others, added their comparative expertise to the discussions. The analyzed issues extended to the Yemeni political, security and socio-economic context, the initial design of the transition process and how it played out on the ground, as well as to the role the international community have played in it. 

The discussions directly informed an upcoming Policy Paper on the Yemeni transition to be published in September 2015.

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