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International IDEA and Afghanistan Constitutional Studies Institute strengthen cooperation

February 20, 2020

International IDEA and the Afghanistan Constitutional Studies Institute (ACSI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen their cooperation and collaboration in supporting discussions and processes of constitution-building in Afghanistan.

The agreement formalizes the existing collaboration between the two institutes, which started under the umbrella of International IDEA’s joint initiative with Melbourne Law School, the Melbourne Forum for Constitution-Building in Asia and the Pacific. Representatives from ACSI are members of the Melbourne Forum.

The MOU provides a framework for pursuing joint research and funding opportunities to support Afghanistan’s on-going and future constitution-building process(es). The ACSI has a specific mandate to: (1) open discourse regarding constitutional law topics; (2) conduct research regarding constitutional law in Afghanistan, and (3) since the amendment of the Afghan Constitution is highly possible, provide technical inputs to the constitution-building process. As a global thought-leader on constitution-building, International IDEA’s support is requested to enhance ACSI’s research capacity, including through the provision of comparative knowledge products and non-prescriptive technical assistance. The combination of International IDEA’s global reach and reputation and ACSI’s network and legitimacy on the ground in Afghanistan will strengthen both institutes’ abilities to provide effective support to Afghanistan.

Amongst other activities, the MoU envisages collaboration in the production of knowledge products, the conduct of learning sessions and trainings, and a two-way exchange of comparative knowledge and global experience whereby Afghanistan’s own experience and expertise are also elevated and shared in International IDEA’s regional programmes and initiatives.

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