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CANDI Dat@s: a stake on informed voting

April 29, 2020
<p>Web tool engages young voters in Bolivia’s elections</p>

Web tool engages young voters in Bolivia’s elections

‘The use of CANDI Dat@s by young voters can determine the course of democracy.’ — Andres Gutierrez, Advocacy Platform Bolivia

For young Bolivians, sifting through information from nine political parties to figure out which one best represents them is a daunting task, which may result in an uninformed decision on election day. To reach young voters ahead of the 20 October 2019 election, International IDEA Bolivia, with funding from the German Embassy, developed the online tool ‘CANDI Dat@s: Advancement of the Informed Vote’.

The tool allowed young Bolivians to answer a set of 30 questions on issues of particular interest to young voters and compare their answers with those of each political party. Offering an interactive and easy overview focused on specific political issues helped users make a more informed choice.

The questions were put together by a team of experts and based on the work of youth platforms that have gained strength in the past few years. CANDI Dat@s was launched in September, a month before election day, and reached more than a million people through social media platforms. More than 300,000 people answered the questions in the month before the election.

The tool’s communications team was made up of 130 young activists, who managed to stir the interest not only of citizens, but also of political organizations.


By developing a digital tool to help young voters make more informed choices, International IDEA strengthened public interest groups for youth in Bolivia to contribute to a political party system that is more inclusive, responsive and accountable to all citizens.

Read more stories about International IDEA's results in our Annual Outcome Report 2019: Democracy In Action.

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