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The role of political party dialogue in democratic consolidation

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At a time when political party dialogue is considered the only way forward in many polarized contexts within the Arab world, International IDEA is hosting a workshop on 24–25 June on the role of political party dialogue in democratic consolidation to stimulate discussion and share best practice. The event takes place at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Tunis, Tunisia and marks the release of the Arabic language version of the publication Political Party Dialogue: A Facilitator’s Guide.

Over recent years, political party dialogue has increasingly gained attention as a useful approach to manage broad democratization, peace-building or socio-economic development issues in young and post-conflict democracies.

Co-hosted with the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) the workshop aims to reflect and increase understanding of the importance of political party dialogue for identifying opportunities and strategies to overcome potential challenges in post-conflict democracies. Participants include leaders of political parties, civil society and academics representing different political leanings from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria and Yemen.

Both International IDEA and NIMD have many years’ experience working in the area of political party support globally, and on the thematic issue of political party dialogue in particular. This work has culminated in the recently published Political Party Dialogue: A Facilitator’s Guide. The publication is available in English, French and now Arabic.

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