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Digital Parties Portal Launch 

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There is an ever-increasing number of applications and tools available for different democratic purposes but only a fraction of them are explicitly marketed towards political parties. Yet, many tools, which are not targeting the political scene explicitly can be valuable for parties – ranging from internal communications to constituency outreach and campaigning.

The Digital Parties Portal offers the service of organizing these vast resources into a manageable and helpful repository, which will assist those involved in running a political party to find out which ICT-related tools are available to them. The portal has two main goals: Firstly, compiling an overview of available tools and secondly, explaining how these tools, are relevant for a political party.

By also showing which tools have already been implemented by parties around the world the portal aims to be a knowledge sharing platform from parties to parties. International IDEA will be introducing the Digital Parties Portal on various occasions focusing on party dialogue and learning in 2016. The exact dates and events will be announced closer to the respective dates.

Political parties are increasingly interested in adapting to the changing world around them. Clever use of information and communication technologies can improve their chances of doing so by helping parties to reach out to citizens and members faster and more directly. It also helps them in other tasks necessary to run a political party, such as fundraising and policy making.