World Forum for Democracy: Is democracy in danger in the information age?

8 November 2019
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Internationa lDEA will particpate in the 2019 World Democracy Forum to discuss the state of democracy and the Strenghtening democracy in the 21st century .

International IDEA’s Head of Europe Programme and International IDEA's Office to the EU, Sam van der Staak , among other speakers, will discuss the challenges democracy is facing today. In Europe and elsewhere in the world we see a lower trust in the institutions, increasing political apathy, and political polarisation and fragmentation. Different kinds of manipulation and disinformation, especially during electoral campaigns, are on the rise, and highly polarised societies are the most vulnerable to this. 

Read more about the session: Strenghtening democracy in the 21st century on the World Forum for Democracy website. Sam van der Staak will be a speaker as serves as the Head of International IDEA’s Europe Programme and International IDEA's Office to the EU. 


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Council of Europe