Stockholm International Democracy Talks

Stockholm International Democracy Talks will take place in a digital format on 28-29 October. It is arranged as part of Sweden’s Drive for Democracy, launched in 2019 in an effort to provide a counter-narrative to the democratic backsliding we see in many parts of the world.

Stockholm International Democracy Talks will focus on a range of topics related to democracy and human rights. The Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Minister for International Development Cooperation will participate.

The primary purpose of the conference, is to sum up and discuss experiences, conclusions and recommendations from around 100 Democracy Talks that have been arranged locally by Swedish embassies and consulates in a number of countries, mainly in the Global South. The ambition is to engage a broad range of actors from around the world and to stimulate the debate on the state of democracy today and what we need to do collectively to keep it strong tomorrow.

Kevin Casas-Zamora, International IDEA Secretary-General, will participate in two sessions:

Thursday, 28 October, 14:45-15:45, The global state of democracy – what can we do to strengthen democracy around the world?

Friday, 29 October, 15:45-16:05, Conclusions from the round table 

Participants will be individuals who have taken part in Democracy Talks locally, as well as experts, representatives of civil society, human rights defenders, and other relevant actors. Attendees will be able to listen in to panel discussions and participate actively in roundtable discussions on various topics. 

Participation to this online event is by invitation only.   Follow Sweden’s Drive for Democracy events with the hashtag #drivefordemocracy

Partner Organizations/collaborators: 

Participation to this online event is by invitation only.