Can Democracy Advance in Challenging Times?

6 April 2021
12:00 – 13:00 EDT

Join the high-level panel discussion on one of today’s most pressing global issues with some of the world’s leading experts on democracy.

Democracies across the globe are under pressure internally and externally. Internally, they face protests, scandals, voting controversies and even insurrection. Externally, meanwhile, democracies are contending with challenges posed by authoritarian regimes, which have sought to outcompete democratic states and outmaneuver the liberal international order.

Perry World House will host this timely and intimate conversation that seeks to address a global policy issue and answer some key questions: What are the factors at play in these challenges to democracy, both domestic and international? And in this context, how can democracy advance effectively? Could a summit for democracies as discussed by U.S. President Joe Biden and others help to advance democracy in these challenging times?



  • Paige Alexander, Chief Executive Officer, The Carter Center
  • Larry Diamond, Senior Fellow, The Hoover Institution and at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI); Bass University Fellow in Undergraduate Education, Stanford University
  • Annika Silva-Leander, Head of the Democracy Assessment Unit, International IDEA
  • Ambassador Henri-Paul Normandin, Fellow, Intstitut d’études internationales de Montréal; Visiting Fellow, Perry World House


Partner Organizations/collaborators: 
Perry World House, The Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy