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International Forum on Democracy: The Future of Democracy


Organized by the Konrad-Adenauer Stiftung in Spain, this Forum explores the current state and future of democracy. Gathering policymakers, leaders of local political movements and experts from Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America, participants are invited to explore the current state of democracy and how to address the challenges facing it now. The Forum explores different perspectives for democratic development, solutions for populism, the role of Europe as a democracy supporter abroad, the impact of ICT on politics, a reassessment of the role of parliaments and governments.

Annika Silva-Leander, Head of the Democratic Assessment and Political Analysis (DAPA) Unit will set the tone for this Forum, by presenting the key findings of International IDEA's Global State of Democracy (GSoD) Indices. She will present what the new data update illustrates regarding democratic progress and declines in democracy around the world, using data from 1975-2017. For more information on the GSoD Indices, see here:

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