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Informational Briefing: International IDEA's work on Constitution Building and Democracy Tracking

07 June 2023
16:00-17:00 EDT

Do you want to learn more about International IDEA’s support to constitution building processes around the world, the new dataset of the Global State of Democracy Indices and IDEA’s most recently launched tool to track democratic developments around the world?

Come and meet the team at the Open Government Hub or tune in online for this upcoming event on June 7th from 4:00-5:00pm at the OpenGovHub. Kristen Sample, Director of Governance at NDI will also share how IDEA’s knowledge resources and data can be of most valuable use for practitioners in the democracy assistance community.


  • Sumit Bisarya - Head of Constitution Building Processes, International IDEA
  • Alexander Hudson - Democracy Assessment Specialist, International IDEA
  • Annika Silva-Leander (Moderator) - Head of North America, International IDEA
  • Kristen Sample (Discussant) - Director of Democratic Governance, National Democratic Institute (NDI)

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