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Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue

Head of Programme, Haiti

Marie-Laurence Lassègue managed International IDEA’s programme to support democratic consolidation in Haiti. She worked to strengthen political parties, parliamentary structures and electoral processes, including for the increased political participation and representation of women, increased engagement with youth and improved accountability to citizens.

Lassègue’s previous work experience includes serving twice as Minister of Culture and Communication of the Republic of Haiti, and twice as Minister of Feminine Condition and Women’s Rights. In 1995, she was Secretary-General of the Haitian Electoral Council, and contributed to increasing the participation of women in the electoral administration.

In 2016, she was decorated by the Haitian Parliament for her courage, perseverance, and commitment to the rights of women, and for International IDEA’s parliamentary support. In 2005, she was elected as “Person of the Year” by the newspaper Le Matin.

Political parties, Gender and democracy, Elections, Democracy accountability, Youth and democracy and Parliamentary assistance.
BA in Law (State University of Haiti), MA in Literature (Besançon University, France) and BA in Modern Literature (Strasbourg University, France)
English, French, Haitian Creole, Lingala, Spanish
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
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