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Iida Hyyryläinen

Associate Programme Officer

Iida Hyyryläinen is an Associate Programme Officer at the Secretary-General’s Office of International IDEA. Her work focuses on the coordination and support of the Institute’s Board of Advisers, Member States relations and partnership building as well as research and writing.

Prior to her current role, she has worked as a Research Assistant at the Institute for two years – First at the Democracy Assessment Unit where she worked primarily on the Global Monitor of Covid-19´s Impact on Democracy and Human Rights Research and later in her current team at the Secretary-General’s Office.

Hyyryläinen’s previous work experience includes an internship at the Secretary-General’s Office as well as a traineeship at a cybersecurity company F-Secure. She has also worked as a Student Ambassador at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship.

MSc in Political Science: Security Studies, Swedish Defence University; BSc in Political Science, Stockholm University, Sweden; BSc in Business Administration, Stockholm University, Sweden
English, Finnish, German, Swedish
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