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Hom Bahadur’s Dream – An Animation Video on Nepali Local Governments

May 12, 2022

“Hom Bahadur’s Dream” is the story of a fictional Nepali local government (LG, commonly known as Palika) whose life takes a different turn after the palika’s chairperson sees a weird dream. The hilly palika, going through a tough time due to drought is planning to construct an irrigation canal to solve the problem. However, not everyone is happy about it. In his highly adventurous dream, Hom Bahadur realizes the consequences of his whimsical decision-making.

This video is the second of the mini-series on LGs prepared by International IDEA’s “Programme to Promote Coherence in Nepali Local Governments” (aka Coherence in short). The mini-series is centered around the decision-making process of palika and tells the stories of how the quality of decisions is directly influenced by the quality of decision-making process. Using real-like examples of fictional palikas, the animation videos try to highlight the benefits of engaging in a deliberative process while making political decisions so that the decisions are coherent and in the interest of greater public. Decision-making process that is formal, inclusive, collective and that is informed by data, evidence, reason and logic has the chances of greater ownership and better implementation.

The Coherence Programme is the partnership among the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and International IDEA, Nepal. 

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