The need for physical distancing during this Covid-19 pandemic has raised the need for innovative campaign methods to be developed by election contestants because conventional campaign methods such as rallies, public meetings, etc. are prohibited in some jurisdictions.

Distant and online election campaigning may be seen as restrictive to both contestants and voters alike due to physical and technological barriers that appear. To what degree is this true? Find the answer and more by following the lecture and read the paper.


Publication date
28 May 2021
Tom Gerald Daly
Number of pages


1. Introduction

2. The relationship between elections and political freedoms

3. Key issues

4. Regional overview

5. Turning lemons into lemonade: The South Korean success story

6. An understudied case: Mongolia

7. Misinformation and censorship in Singapore and Indonesia

8. Ending on a hopeful note: the surprise of local elections in Victoria

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How Do Distanced and Online Election Campaigning Affect Political Freedoms?

International IDEA & Friends’ Asia & the Pacific Online Lecture No. 2
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