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Joint statement by the Southern Africa Development Community Parliamentary Forum and International IDEA in commemoration of International Day of Parliamentarianism

June 30, 2024
SADC PF International IDEA joint statement-Gaborone-28-6-2024

Dear Parliamentarians, Citizens and Partners, As we commemorate the International Day of Parliamentarism on 30th June 2024, the Southern African Development Community Parliamentary Forum (SADC PF) and the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) jointly reaffirm the importance of Parliament as a cornerstone of democracy. 

Parliaments serve as the primary institution through which the voices of the people are heard, their rights are protected, laws are made, and governments are held accountable. Parliaments are critical vehicles for translating the aspirations of citizens into policies and laws that promote equality, justice, and human rights. Accordingly, we call on all stakeholders to partner with and support Parliaments at national, regional, and international levels, to enhance parliamentary action in advocating for policies that promote economic stability, growth, and resilience, and to take measures to reduce poverty, bridge inequalities and address climate change and protect the environment. Such partnerships should also extend to enhancing Parliament’s roles in creating more inclusive societies, promoting human rights, ensuring that all voices are heard in policymaking, and as infrastructures for peace. 

SADC PF and International IDEA are unflinching in our commitment to providing robust legislative strengthening initiatives that bolster the capacity of parliaments to perform their constitutionally mandated roles effectively. Through collaboration over two decades, our organisations have made a significant impact in promoting norm-making, benchmarking, and knowledge production for parliamentary strengthening in the SADC region. This includes promoting electoral reforms, gender equality, women’s political empowerment, peace and security, youth political empowerment and parliamentary action for effective climate change governance and natural resource management. 

Today, as we commemorate the International Day of Parliamentarism, we reiterate our call to all stakeholders to recognise and support the critical role of Parliaments in advancing democratic ideals. In solidarity and commitment, 

H.E Boemo Sekgoma Secretary General SADC Parliamentary Forum 

Dr. Kevin Casas-Zamora Secretary-General International IDEA

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