Political Finance Design Tool

Political Finance

Design Tool

How the Tool Works

Drawing from comparative global data in International IDEA’s Political Finance Database, the Political Finance Design Tool provides governments and policy-makers with a user-friendly guide for exploring policy options in the realm of political finance. The tool consists of four thematic categories: “Private Donations”, “Public Donations”, “Spending Limits”, and “Reporting, Oversight and Sanctions”. Each category covers a distinct aspect of political finance and its regulations. By clicking on one of these themes, the Tool will fall

down to reveal a number of key issues related to that theme. The Tool provides an “Overview” of the issue with the relevant country and regional data, and available “Policy Options” to address the particular issue. These policy options may be directed towards either candidates or political parties. By clicking on a country statistic or policy option of interest, The Tool will direct you to International IDEA’s Political Finance Database where you can learn more about that subject.