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Afghanistan, the Taliban and their stance on constitutions and laws

June 01, 2023
Democracy IDEAs offers insight on the state of democracy today and guidance to further strengthen it.

A conversation between International IDEA's Head of Communications and Knowledge Management, Alistair Scrutton and the authors of the recently published report "The Constitution and Laws of the Taliban 1994-2001: Hints from the Past and Options for the Future", M. Bashir Mobasher, Shamshad Pasarlay and Mohammad Qadam Shah.


  • M. Bashir Mobasher, postdoctoral fellow at the American University’s Department of Sociology
  • Shamshad Pasarlay is a visiting lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School
  • Mohammad Qadam Shah, Assistant Professor of Global Development at the Seattle Pacific University School of Business, Government, and Economics
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