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Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption programme hosts second project technical committee meeting in Abuja

May 23, 2024 • By Murkthar Suleiman
Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption programme hosts second project technical committee meeting in Abuja.
The Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption Programme recently hosted the second Project Technical Committee (PTC) meeting in Abuja, convening federal stakeholders to review the work plan progress for the year 2024.

The PTC plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth execution of the programme by endorsing work plans and providing necessary support to address bottlenecks or issues that may arise during the course of the programme's implementation.

During the meeting, the PTC conducted a comprehensive review of the progress made in the first quarter of the year. This review was crucial for assessing the alignment of the programme's activities with its strategic objectives and ensuring that the implementation is on track.

Component managers presented detailed progress reports on the work plans, highlighting the advancements made and the milestones achieved in the initial quarter. These presentations provided a view of the programme's impact and effectiveness in promoting the rule of law and combating corruption.

However, the discussions also revealed several challenges faced during the implementation phase. One of the recurrent issues reported by the component managers was the delay in implementation. This delay poses a significant concern as it can hinder the timely achievement of the programme's objectives and the overall effectiveness of the initiatives.

Identifying these challenges underscores the importance of the PTC's role in not only approving work plans but also actively supporting the programme to navigate and mitigate any obstacles encountered. By addressing these implementation delays, the PTC can facilitate smoother operations and enhance the programme's impact.


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