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New Tools and Resources Take the Confusion Out of Constitution Building

November 12, 2014

What is a constitution? Why do constitutions matter? How are constitutions made? International IDEA’s Constitution Building Programme is pleased to announce the release of new and upgraded, easy-to-understand, jargon-free initiatives which respond to these questions, for specialist and non-specialists audiences alike.


Watch and Learn: Constitutions Made Simple

Our ‘Constitutions Made Simple’ initiative uses a set of short whiteboard animation videos focused on constitution-building processes, to inform and educate on the essentials of constitutions. The videos respond to three basic frequently asked questions.

  1. What is a constitution?
  2. How are constitutions made?
  3. Why do constitutions matter?

The videos are currently available with Arabic subtitles, with other languages soon to follow.


Read and Learn: Primers and the Constitution Building Global Review

The Constitution Building Programme’s newly developed series of primers offers in-depth guidance for constitutional design choices, such direct democracy, judicial appointments, and socio-economic rights. These downloadable PDFs draw extensively on comparative country data, current examples, and opportunities for reflection called “think points” that call the reader to apply comparative approaches and principles to their own context.

Remember to share your comments about each primer directly on the website and provide other suggestions by sending a note to feedback.

Also recently released is a new resource ‘Constitution Building: A Global Review (2013)’. An addition to International IDEA’s growing literature on constitution building, this annual report captures key moments and issues in constitution building from 22 selected processes around the world in 2013. Read more and download this publication at no cost.


Just a Click Away: The New ConstitutionNet Website

The newly redesigned offers readers unique online access to up-to-date news and analyses on constitution building processes as they are unfolding on the ground. Beyond reading up-to-date news and analysis, ConstitutionNet also offers free and easy access to thousands of expert and non-expert level documents and resourceson constitution building processes developed both in house and externally. A community of web-based members also allows for free exchange of ideas amongst experts and non-experts in the field alike. Sign up to join the community now.

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